Singlestep Technologies announces software to enhance the management of
Cisco routers, switches and firewalls

SEATTLE, WA, August 14, 2002 — Singlestep Technologies, creator of network
integration and management software, today announced the release of the
first in a series of Device Management Applications developed specifically
to give network managers more efficient management of their network
devices. These applications are available for download and purchase now at

The applications improve the manageability of select Cisco routers,
switches and security devices. The feature set includes the ability to more

* Set the status, speed and duplex of one or more Ethernet interfaces
* Change settings on all interfaces with a single command
* Monitor traffic across one or more interfaces

This means functionality that generally requires a network engineer or
in-depth knowledge of command line access to the Cisco IOS is now available
through easy-to-use visual interfaces. And, because the applications are
built with VNOS technology, each is a visual representation of the device
it manages, and also includes the ability to set policies and automate
actions by simply drawing a line between icons on your computer screen.

We’ve embedded valuable domain knowledge of Cisco IOS and its command line
configuration into an easy to use VNOS device interface, said Ophir Ronen,
Singlestep’s Chief Technology Officer. “These panels will allow anyone to
control and manage Cisco devices in a user-friendly and extensible fashion.

Cisco Device Management Applications (which require VNOS 1.1) are available
now for Windows 2000 and XP and available August 21 for Mac OSX. All
products are available at

Singlestep develops solutions that integrate all the disparate information
network managers are responsible for tracking and brings them all together
for more user-friendly and efficient management. Products range from Device
Management Applications to more robust solutions that integrate data from
various network management systems.

The launch of the Device Applications was timed to coincide with the
release of an update to the VNOS technology platform. “The update from 1.0
to 1.1 dramatically increases the speed, stability and functionality of
VNOS,” said Chris Noble, CEO of Singlestep. “By combining the new features
in VNOS 1.1 with these device applications, customers can immediately see
the value that our technology brings to solving their network management
and integration challenges.”

VNOS 1.1 also includes nine new visual programming objects developed
specifically to provide for faster, more powerful programming. The new
objects include Delimited Text Parser, Regular Expressions, Event Router
and Binary to Hex converter.

For more press information on the Device Management Applications visit:
and for VNOS 1.1:

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About Singlestep Technologies and VNOS

Singlestep Technologies, Corp. is a leading developer of software for
networking and information management. Its patented messaging platform,
VNOS (Visual Network Operating System), is the key to all their software
solutions. This object-oriented platform combines the power of data
integration with the ease of true visual programming in order to put the
user in charge of the data flowing through a networked world. Data flows
can be sent from any device or application that can communicate via TCP/IP
or serial connection. Singlestep Technologies, Corp. is based in Seattle,
WA. For more information on Singlestep Technologies, VNOS, products, or the
VNOS Developer Network, please visit