[PR] Waves in Motion announces NetAccess 1.0 for FileMaker Pro

Manage the Web from within your FileMaker Pro Databases!

Phoenix, AZ – August 12, 2002. Waves in Motion announces a brand new
plug-in that will help you manage Internet content. NetAccess gives
developers the ability to flow web content in and out of FileMaker
databases from anywhere in the world. NetAccess 1.0 can integrate FileMaker
with the growing web services industry.

With NetAccess, you can get data from, or put data to, virtually any web
source in the world. Download content directly into any field in your
database or create a file with the downloaded data. Managing web content
from within FileMaker has never been easier.

NetAccess also has the ability to run requests in non-blocking mode,
allowing you to continue to use FileMaker while NetAccess sends or receives
your information in the background.

“We have been managing our web site with NetAccess.” said Vince Menanno,
President of Waves in Motion. ” It has saved us a great deal of time, and
makes modifying content on our web site much easier.

Stop by our booth at DevCon and check it out!

More information later …

Waves in Motion is a full service development and consulting firm
specializing in FileMaker Pro enabling technologies and offers database
needs analysis, custom consulting and co-located web hosting. Popular
developer tools and solutions include Analyzer, Visualizer, Dragon Web
Surveys, Course Wizard and a suite of oAzium Plug-ins – Events, Portal
Filter, Date and Time, FileTools and Smart Card. Waves in Motion is a
Partner Member of the FileMaker Solutions Alliance.


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