Omnis Studio 3.2

Raining Data is pleased to announce the imminent availability of Omnis
Studio version 3.2. The development version of this new release will be
made available for download August 7, 2002 from our Web site www.omnis.net.
The product CD will be obtainable by the end of this month by request.

Omnis Studio version 3.2 is another major step forward for Web developers
and systems integrators with new Web Client and Server database

New Features
* Oracle9i and Informix 9.1 Support
* Windows XP and Enhanced Mac OS X Support
* New Multithreaded Data Access Module (DAM) for Omnis SQL
* Sub-Forms for Web Client Remote Forms
* Web Client Method Debugging
* Netscape 6.2 Support
* Blowfish Encryption
* XML Support

The multithreaded Oracle DAM now supports Oracle9i, including the new XML
and Universal Resource Identifiers (URI) data types. The XML data type
stores native XML documents directly in an Oracle database and eliminates
the need to parse documents coming into and out of the database. Oracle 9i
introduces several new URI types for identifying content or data on the
Web. The new Oracle DAM will be available for Win32, Linux, and Solaris
platforms. The single threaded DAM can connect to Oracle9i databases, but
will not support the XML and URI data types.

Informix 9.1
Omnis Studio 3.2 extends the list of DAMs available in the product by
including a new multithreaded Informix DAM, available for Win32 and Linux
platforms. The new Informix DAM is built using Informix Object Interface
Technology and supports the latest Informix 9 data types, including BLOB,

Windows XP and Mac OS X
Omnis Studio 3.2 includes support for Windows XP themes for standard
controls such as check boxes, radio buttons, tab panes, and push buttons.
Common dialogs (load as, save as) will be modified to mirror the operating
system. Additionally, the Graphs component for Mac OS X is included. The
functionality is identical to the current Mac OS 9 component.

The new “non-visual” Omnis SQL DAM allows you to use the same code and
approach for Omnis data file and DBMS servers using the multithreaded DAMs.
The new Omnis SQL DAM will run on multithreaded servers. However, the Omnis
database is not thread safe and code accessing the Omnis data file
will execute single threaded.

Omnis Web Client Sub-Form
You can now implement sub-forms for remote forms. This allows you to keep a
set of instances open for use in the sub-form object while displaying only
the current sub-form instance. The result is greater state control and
minimal redraw.

Omnis Web Client Method Debugging
A major improvement is step-through debugging of methods executed on the
client from within the Web Client, speeding up the debugging process.

Netscape 6.2 Support
Support for Netscape 6.2 clients on Windows, Mac OS 9, and Mac OS X has
been added with all of the functionality found in previous versions,
including being scriptable via JavaScript.

Blowfish Encryption
The new Blowfish component brings to Omnis Studio 3.2 the fast and freely
available encryption algorithm created by Counterpane. The plug-in is a
“non-visual” external component included in the normal distribution.

XML Support
The new oXML component opens the world of XML to Omnis Studio 3.2
developers. This “non-visual” external component implements the DOM Level 1
API. An evaluation version is available and is offered separately via the
Web store.

For more details, please contact your Raining Data sales representative by
949-442-4400 or sending an e-mail to sales@rainingdata.com.