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More on Macworld Expo’s possible move to Boston

Yesterday’s New York Post brought word that IDG World Expo is considering moving Macworld Expo from New York City back to Boston. “The issue of rising costs has become significant, and it’s impacting us all — exhibitors, attendees and speakers. That’s why we’re weighing options on the East Coast for Macworld Conference & Expo in the hopes that we can help control those costs,” Rob Scheschareg, vice president of sales, marketing and product development for IDG World Expo told MacMinute today. “We’re gathering feedback from our exhibitors, attendees and speakers. When we do make a decision, it will be well-informed, well-communicated and well in advance.” While Boston’s new convention center, which IDG is trying to score free space at, won’t be ready until 2004, there are other locations in Boston where the Expo could take place next year, if need be.

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