First product available at the end of July

ORANGE, CA =96 July 22, 2002 — everStor Software Corporation is entering th=
Mac market with new enterprise-class, storage-management software tools for
Mac OS. The scalability, usability and performance of OS X on Apple’s
Xserve hardware make it an ideal server platform for everStor’s suite of
products. The first OS X product, everStor’s Replicator for Mac OS X 10.1
or higher, is now finishing Beta. Replicator for OS X centralizes data
replication and archiving, and will be formally announced and available for
installation by the end of July. EverStor’s new OS X products are designed
to run on the Apple OS X software platform while providing a seamless
connect to multiple O/S-based network storage environments using Linux,
Solaris, UNIX and Windows.

“We have always supported Mac workstations and servers, but only as clients
to Unix/Linux-based storage-management servers,” said Glenn Salley,
president of everStor. “However, Apple’s Xserve-OS X combination presented
us with the opportunity to develop powerful, cost-efficient, scaleable
networked storage-management applications for mid-range environments.
Replicator for OS X provides the same features found in our original Linux
and Solaris versions =96 reliability, scalability, ease-of-use, and the
ability to replicate any client O/S-based files including those on all UNIX
and Windows machines.”


Ten-year-old everStor Software Corporation is a leading developer and
publisher of enterprise-class, storage-management software for high
data-availability environments. Its products are self-managing “lights-out”
solutions that protect a company’s data =96 in one location or throughout an
enterprise =96 and allow easy data recovery.

Designed for Linux, Sun Solaris Sparc, X86, and Mac OS X server platforms =
in multiple O/S mixed environments including Windows =96 everStor software
covers the spectrum of enterprise storage-management solutions and is
easily integrated into existing networks. everStor products include:
Replicator, for centralizing data replication and archiving; Hiarc HSM, for
transparently managing data and migrating it to secondary media (providing
virtually limitless storage capacity); and jb driver, an intelligent
robotics driver for controlling tape libraries and optical jukeboxes.

everStor’s products are used by Fortune 2000 companies, the government and
large institutions =96 and are sold through VARs and OEMs worldwide.

Company headquarters:
1442 Lincoln Ave., Orange, CA 92865
Phone: 714-970-7511
Fax: 714-970-7161
Web site: www.everStor.com