eline Technologies today announced the launch of its QuickTime 6 compatible
interactive video authoring software “VideoClix” for Mac OS X.

VideoClix enables content producers to build -Hyper Objects- into QuickTime
movies, allowing viewers to click on actual items in the video and purchase
the products, play along, vote, learn more=8A without even having to stop th=

VideoClix is the most user friendly and cost effective tool for creating
entertaining and engaging videos for use in DVD/CD-ROM, Internet and
Intranets. A Simple click-and-drag can add breath taking interactivity and
unleash any video assets’ maximum potential, be it through product
placement in music videos to educational kiosk systems.

VideoClix enabled content can be served from any HTTP or RTSP server, tie
into any database and does not require an additional plug-in on the client
side. The system provides accurate viewer behavior and vital marketing data
as well.

Supported file formats are QuickTime, Mpeg1, Mpeg4, AVI, Flash and DV.
Single user license is priced at $399, with a MacWorld show special of
$249. Government and educational discounts available.

Visit the VideoClix showcase… and let your imagination run wild!
http://www.VideoClix.tv (QuickTime required)

eline Technologies
(604) 688-8889