IOGEAR Unravels The Mysteries Of KVM With New User Guide

Enables consumers to cut hardware, energy and office space costs using KVM

Irvine, CA – July 15, 2002 – IOGEAR, a leading connectivity and peripheral
manufacturer, has launched a guide to answer common questions about KVM
(Keyboard, Video, Mouse) technology.

The guide is in response to customer demand for an easy-to-follow reference
guide that covers everything they need to know about using KVM technology
at home and at work. Many PC and Mac users can benefit greatly from KVM
technology, but don’t have the time to conduct their own research. The
guide looks at basics, such as ‘What is a KVM switch?’ and ‘What makes a
good KVM switch?’ through to more complex information on two-level
switching and patented USB Sniffing(tm) technology. It also provides
comparison charts on the types of features various KVM switches offer.

IOGEAR’s KVM guide is freely available from Those who have
specific questions can also call the company’s toll free customer service
number on 866-9-IOGEAR.

“Like many technologies, keyboard, video and mouse products can seem
intimidating if users are completely unfamiliar with them,” said Miranda
Su, vice president of sales and marketing at IOGEAR, Inc. “This guide is
designed to answer both basic and more complex questions so that users know
what to look for and can be reassured that they are making the right
decisions when they choose to invest in the technology.”

IOGEAR, Inc., headquartered in Irvine, CA, is a leading connectivity and
peripheral manufacturer that provides complete KVM (Keyboard, Video,
Mouse), FireWire, USB (Universal Serial Bus) 1.1 / 2.0, Bluetooth and
HomePlug solutions, targeting home users, mobile users and small to medium
sized businesses.

IOGEAR’s compact desktop KVM products enable users to access multiple
computers through one console, while its extensive line of USB and FireWire
connectivity products allow peripherals to be easily attached. The
company’s most recent Bluetooth and HomePlug product lines provide users
with the most advanced industry solutions currently on the market. IOGEAR
has consistently provided products that incorporate innovative technology,
providing the end user with outstanding functionality and capability. As
one of the only true manufacturers in the industry, IOGEAR has the ability
to offer high quality products with the service and support hardware
consumers demand.

The company distributes products throughout North and South America,
Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. For further information, please

IOGEAR University is an online resource developed for consumers to grow and
expand their knowledge of IOGEAR’s KVM, FireWire, USB 1.1, USB 2.0 and
other peripheral technologies. For further information, please visit