JUNE 16 02 — ArcaneWare, a newly founded software company, releases its
first quality shareware product for the Macintosh, for securely and easily
storing serial numbers and passwords, SerialStorage.

SerialStorage is an application to effortlessly organize your serial numbers
and/or passwords into different categories. With SerialStorage’s easy search
feature you can find your passwords and serial numbers quickly. Even better,
SerialStorage uses very strong encryption methods so that your data is safe.
And to quickly add database entries, use SerialStorage’s auto-fill. Save your
name and organization in your preferences, and ever time you add a new serial
number you can automatically fill in that information that is always the
same. Of all the other Mac applications that do this on the market,
SerialStorage is the most secure, easiest to use, and best for its low price.

SerialStorage also includes password protection so that nobody except you
will be able to see your serial numbers and passwords. As OS X is a
multi-user operating system, you can let anyone onto your computer with their
own account – each user can use the same copy of SerialStorage yet view
different databases, have a separate password, and their own personal
preferences. If you are the only one using the computer, you can simply
disable password protection.

SerialStorage is fully compatible with Mac Classic and Mac OS X. You can try
it for free at

SerialStorage is shareware. The full version can be purchased for only $9.95.
After registering, the “Please Register!” dialog no longer appears and you
can get to work as soon as the application starts up. You can securely
purchase your registration code from


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