New WEBmail and WEBcalendar for Mac OS X

Santa Barbara, CA, June 13, 2002. Tenon Intersystems announced today
that iTools 6.5, its web server package for Apple’s Mac OS X, includes a
new version of WEBmail and a WEBcalendar. Tenon’s iTools anytime,
anywhere WEBmail enables users to access email, via POP or IMAP, from
any device running a browser. WEBmail 5.1 is fully customizable, for
rebranding and localization, and can be hand-tailored with unique logos
and banner advertising on a virtual host-by-virtual host basis.

Tenon’s iTools WEBmail was developed by EMUmail, Inc.
(, a widely respected vendor of web-based mail
systems. The new WEBmail 5.1 lets users choose between several “skins”
to change the look and feel of the product. Other WEBmail features
include: multiple attachments, address books with import and export
capabilities, user definable folders, outbox for sent messages,
real-time SPAM filtering, customizable tag line for site branding, blind
carbon copy, spell check, quoted reply, forwarding, per-user or
per-domain message quotas, and per-user or per-domain access
restrictions. WEBmail supports FastCGI for optimized performance.

The customizable version of WEBmail is available in three packages:
Small Business Edition, $500; Corporate Edition, $750; and Service
Provider Edition, $1500. For a limited time only, customers purchasing
or upgrading to WEBmail 5.1 will receive a brand new customizable
WEBcalendar application for FREE.

WEBmail, combined with Tenon’s new Post.Office 3.5.3, gives system
administrators a complete & very powerful mail solution on Mac OS X. A
limited-time special “Serverware” bundle combines Tenon’s iTools
(Apache, DNS, and FTP configuration tools), Post.Office (mail server and
list server) and WEBmail for $999. See the Tenon web site for more

Founded in 1989, Tenon Intersystems is a leader in high-performance
networking. Apple’s OS X, coupled with Tenon’s Severware, provides the
foundation for world-class content delivery and messaging.