New Release Also Strengthens Font Library Functionality

June 11, 2002 [Carlsbad, CA] Insider Software today announced FontAgent X
10.1, a new release that adds font-activation support for Classic
applications and strengthens the leading font management utility’s unique
multi-library functionality.

NO REASON TO WAIT TO UPGRADE TO MAC OS X In addition to its extensive font
organization, management and integrity-assurance power, FontAgent X 10.1
now supports font activation within the Classic environment of Mac OS X.

“The Mac world is steadily moving to Mac OS X and Cocoa applications, but
there are still a lot of Classic Macintosh titles out there,” said Rio
Sabadicci, CEO of Insider Software. “This release of FontAgent X lets
customers upgrade to Mac OS X without giving up font management or their
existing Classic apps. From a font management perspective, there is now no
reason to wait to upgrade to Mac OS X.”

The new release also adds power to FontAgent X’s unique library-management
capabilities by enabling users to:
* Explicitly specify the location of libraries to avoid file-access
permission problems
* Set library permissions to read/write or read only to protect the
integrity of them
* Automatically maintain a font set that includes all fonts from all
libraries to avoid having to open up all libraries when performing global
searches or maintenance

“The more that our customers try FontAgent’s multi-library features, the
more they see their value,” said Sabadicci. “They want to segregate their
fonts by owner, foundry, or project, yet still be able to see and manage
all their fonts at once. This new version helps them do just that.”

Insider FontAgent X is a comprehensive font manager for Macintosh computers
running Mac OS X. It enables users to build font libraries, active and
deactivate fonts, preview fonts in various typefaces, and check for corrupt
fonts, unnecessary point sizes, partial font families, font version issues,
and Type 1/TrueType collisions. With a few clicks, users can organize their
entire font collection, test its integrity and save system resources and
precious time by opening only the fonts required for their current projects.

FontAgent X introduces a number of unique features never seen before in
font management, including the ability to:
* Define multiple font libraries that can be opened simultaneously
* Define font sets that traverse multiple font libraries
* Activate and deactivate sets of fonts simultaneously from multiple libraries
* Rename font files with meaningful file names for easy management
* Verify fonts on-the-fly as they are activated
* Reorganize scattered fonts into useful libraries that maintain original
font-file formats
* Preview any text string in any size in any typeface

The new features in FontAgent X supersede the capabilities of FontReserve
and Suitcase while combining seamlessly with FontAgent’s award-winning font
repair and organization features.

Insider FontAgent X for Macintosh is available for immediate download from
Insider’s website at and costs $89.95 US for a
single license. Current FontAgent customers can upgrade to the new version
for $49.95 US. Users can also download FontAgent X demo software that
manages up to 250 font files, and upgrade later to a full license by
visiting the Insider website.

In recent years, FontAgent has been honored with an Editor’s Choice award
from MacUser, 5 disks from MacReview, 4 mice from ZDNet, 4 apples from
MacHome and 4 stars from Publish Magazine.

Insider Software, founded in 1993 and based in Carlsbad, California,
creates web and system management software that makes computers run better.
In addition to Insider FontAgent, Insider also produces Insider
SpaceAgent,(TM) which optimizes web pages so they download and render 30%
faster; and Insider UpdateAgent,(TM) which updates all the software on a
Macintosh in two clicks.