June 8th, 2002

MacAmp Lite X 1.1.0 – Positively Powerful!

Renton, Wa – Subband Software has just updated MacAmp Lite X (MaltX) to
v1.1.0! This free update adds many new features, in addition to fixing a
few outstanding bugs. MacAmp Lite still uses far less CPU than other audio
apps, and saves on screen space as well. From MacAmp Lite’s compact player
window, which floats above other applications, users are able to maintain
complete control using standard controls, as well as a full playlist menu.
MacAmp Lite is also the best broadcasting solution on OS X, with the
addition of the Plugins Power Pack and plugins such as Broadcast and
Voiceover. With MacAmp Lite, a professional quality MP3 broadcast can be
heard by listeners all over the world, and it can be set up in under 10

For a detailed, independant look at MacAmp Lite’s CPU usage, please
download this report (

View a screenshot of MacAmp Lite at

MaltX is still compatible with the 200+ skins for the original MALT, and
creating new skins is as easy as 1-2-3: 1) Create images 2) Place images in
Malt Mixer (, Subband’s free Skin creator
3) Enjoy!. We’ve received many new skins already for users to download and

Subband’s Plugins Power Pack (, which
comes as part of the MaltX trial, has also been updated. The Plugins Power
Pack enables features for the power user, including Broadcasting to
SHOUTCast/IceCast servers, several different encoding plugins, and much
more. The Pack will also be compatible with future Subband audio
applications, including the forthcoming MacAmp for OS X.

Key Features of the 1.1 Update:

– Automagic CD Loading

– New Analyzer Plugins! Small visuals for MaltX, including VU meters, and
Menu Bar meters!

– Newly adjustable net and disk caches

– Aiff Carbon Copy! Make an AIFF copy of any audio played through MaltX.

– Transparent Internet Version Checking System

– Improved Streaming Support

– Unicode ID3 support

In addition, the Plugins Power Pack has been updated to include:

– An updated Broadcast plugin. Create an MP3 stream and let listeners the
world over to tune in.

– The new Voiceover plugin, excellent for DJing an internet stream

– The new Monomizer plugin to downmix stereo signals to mono, perfect for
broadcasting in mono.

Key features of MacAmp Lite:

– Incredible playback of MP3 audio, as well streams, CDs, and more

– Hundreds of skins to choose from

– Compact but powerful floating player window

– Playlist Menu for complete control from anywhere

– Low CPU usage, perfect for background audio

– Written from the ground up in pure Cocoa

MacAmp Lite is available, as shareware, for free download from
( It features a full 2 week demonstration
period, after which certain features will be disabled. Registration is only
$12 for MacAmp Lite, and an additional $10 for the Plugins Power Pack.
Previously registered users will be able to upgrade for free.

MacAmp Lite v1.1.0 Direct Download Link:

Subband is a privately-held international partnership, developing leading
edge audio applications for the Macintosh platform. MacAmp Lite is
Subband’s second full-fledged audio product, following MacAmp (nee AMP
Radio) for OS 9. Prior to their work at Subband Software, the founders of
Subband were responsible for the creation of both the original MacAMP MP3
player for the Macintosh, and GrayAMP, the world’s first monochrome MP3
player, as well as contributing heavily to the development of the original
MacAMP Lite. Subband’s co-founder Dmitry Boldyrev was also the co-founder
of Nullsoft, creators of the world-famous Windows PC MP3 player, WinAmp.

For more information on Subband Software, Inc., please visit