ksoft is pleased to announce the release of FontCat 2.0 and FontCat 2.0
Deluxe. This version is an update to the previous version of FontCat.

FontCat is designed to make it easier on you to view what fonts you have o=
your hard drive, or CD collections, and view them on-line or print out
samples for future reference.

* Find all fonts contained in a folder.

* List all fonts in a folder (in its actual face) without having to first
install them.

* View the list of fonts in a slide show format so you can see and choose
which fonts you want to use.

* Click on a font and bring up more detailed views

* Grid view – display all characters in the font at 1 time so you can see
what characters are contained in that font.

* Print out a listing of your fonts in there actual face, without having to
first install them.

* Print Preview.

* Save subsection of fonts as a group.

* Use the built-in layout editor to design your own custom type reference

* Import your own or company logo in your layouts.

* Includes fields for:

Listing of all fonts in a folder showing entire alphabet

Listing of all fonts in a folder by name only

Show alphabet for a selected font

Included your own text for a selected font

Name of font

Location of font on a disk

Page number

Standard shapes – horizontal / vertical lines, rects, (both filled
and unfilled.

Picture import

FontCat Deluxe only:

* Save/Open font listings as XML files.

* Printing can go to a PDF file or to an Image file (tiff, PICT, png,

The shareware version does not allow you to save your layouts, but is fully
enabled in the registered version.

You can list only the first 20 fonts in a folder. Otherwise all other
features are fully available in the shareware version. The shareware
version also will print an unregistered line on all printouts. The
shareware version will expire after 30 days of usage.

“FontCat” and “FontCat Deluxe” requires MacOS 9.0 and above for the PPC
version. The Carbon version requires CarbonLib 1.1 and above. FontCat also
runs under MacOSX.


Current users can update to FontCat 2 for free, and FontCat 2 Deluxe for a
small upgrade fee. Contact ken@ksoft.net for details.

Ken Stahlman