ZegsRuler 1.05

FracturedSoftware is pleased to announce the release of ZegsRuler 1.05.
ZegsRuler is a set of classes that enable you to easily add all sorts of
rulers and scales to your REALBasic project. ZegsRuler supports the common
requirements of scaling (zooming), scrolling and changing of the origin as
well as lots of control over line length, width and color, background
color, text etc. It comes with 5 easily modified built in styles to get you
started as well as extensive documentation and example projects.

This new version has improved Windows compatability, protection against low
memory situations, updated examples and some small internal changes to make
it easier to draw the ruler into any graphics object.

A fully functional demo of ZegsRuler is available at
www.fracturedsoftware.com. ZegsRuler costs US$15 or US$25 for the source
code with free unlimited upgrades.

Peter Zegelin

email: support@fracturedsoftware.com