Latest messaging technology allows site visitors to not only communicate
with each other but also have an awareness of site population

MAY 29, 2002, Gainesville, FL – Digi-Net Technologies, Inc., a leader in
real-time messaging technology for e-commerce and community building
applications, has announced the release Hubz.

Hubz=81 is the Internet’s first truly Web-based instant messaging solution
designed specifically for the Mac OS. It is an interactive, Java-based Web
applet that transforms the Web from a predominantly one-way push platform
into a truly interactive, live, real-time, two-way communication medium.
Hubz allows visitors on the same site or the same page to see and interact
with each other without special programs, plug-ins or client-side software.

“There is currently not an instant messaging solution designed specifically
for Mac users,” said Robert Parker, President and CEO of Digi-Net
Technologies. “Hubz brings a completely new approach to instant messaging
and we believe that its features and benefits speak directly to the Mac

Features of Hubz include:

* Instant Messaging – Site visitors can interact with any other visitor
through familiar text-based instant messages
* Population Awareness – Only product available that allows users to see who
exactly is on any given page at any given moment.
* Expanded Buddy List – Every site visitor instantly becomes part of user’s
online buddy list
* No Downloads Necessary – Site visitors do not need to download any
software or install any plug-ins. Visit a Hubz-enabled site and simply
start interacting and chatting.
* Total Community Package – A critical part of Digi-Net’s total community
package that also includes messaging and bulletin board components

Hubz has been installed and is being used successfully by various

“We have implemented Hubz and have found that it plays a significant role
in bringing our users together,” said Michael Koehler, President of “I would certainly recommend Hubz to the Webmaster
interested in building an online community.” is one of the largest Christian portal sites on the Net. It
provides the Christian community access to e-cards, inspiration, graphics
and shopping information.

More detailed information regarding the Hubz technology can be found at

About Digi-Net Technologies, Inc.

Digi-Net Technologies Inc. (, recently recognized as the
8th fastest growing private company and the fastest growing private
technology company in Florida, is a premier provider of Internet
communication solutions to eBusinesses of all sizes. To date, more than
14,000 web clients benefit from the eCRM, community building and instant
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breaking down the barriers of traditional Internet communication to enable
the web to mimic real-world settings. Digi-Net has an extensive client base
including NBC, Proctor & Gamble, Intel, Boeing, Verio, Qwest, Sun
Microsystems, Harvard University, Eli Lilly & Co., Lucent Technologies,
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