News Release
May 21, 2002

Headline: Constrictor 2.1 released by Stick Software

Summary: Version 2.1 of Constrictor, a screen snapshot utility by Stick
Software, has been released. It adds many new features, fixes several bugs,
and still costs only $10. Constrictor’s home page is at


Today, Stick Software released version 2.1 of Constrictor, their acclaimed
screen snapshot utility native for OS X. Constrictor is a powerful and
flexible screenshot tool that supports border effects, backdrops, scaling
and other customizations, and then lets you save in a variety of formats.
Version 2.1 adds support for saving as PDF and EPS, generation of thumbnail
icons for snaps, keyboard control over the snapped area’s position & size,
and much more. Constrictor is fully scriptable, and comes with several
sample AppleScripts. It is localized to 11 languages including English and
Japanese (Italian is new with version 2.1). It is shareware, with a price
of $10. As with all Stick Software products, it is not disabled in any way
prior to registration; we trust users to be honest and we don’t get in
their way with codes and expiration dates.

Constrictor 2.1 has a home page at
http://www.sticksoftware.com/software/Constrictor.html with more
information, including a link to an on-line manual for Constrictor.
Constrictor can be downloaded directly from
http://www.sticksoftware.com/software/Constrictor.dmg.gz. Visit
http://www.sticksoftware.com/ for other great shareware, freeware and
open-source products for OS X!

Ben Haller
Stick Software