News Release
May 20, 2002


JobOrder updates Business Management Software for Macintosh, Windows, and


JobOrder Release 10.1 provides advertising agencies, architects, consulting
companies, design firms, and engineering firms with unprecedented control
over their scheduling, estimating, job costing, project management and
accounting operations.


JobOrder(tm) 10.1 with SmartScheduler(tm) includes major enhancements to our
unique analysis and display tools with many significant improvements to
JobOrder Internet and other areas including:
Activity Efficiencies for Architecture
Expense Distribution and Credit Card Distribution
Invoice Analysis Report enhancements
Notification Rules for email reminders to Clients
PERT Charts
Prebill Balance by Client Report
Professional Versions for Architecture, Advertising,
Consulting, and Engineering
Road Map “footprints” to guide new users through
concepts of JobOrder
Scheduled nightly datafile checking
Scrolling News with scheduled Time slips and Messages
Summary Work in Progress report

JobOrder offers a comprehensive, cross-platform solution to integrate the
business operations of project-oriented service businesses such as
advertising agencies, architects, consulting companies, design firms, and
engineering firms. JobOrder facilitates planning, estimating, scheduling,
rescheduling, billing, accounting, analyzing and reporting. With our
multi-processing Notifications Manager, JobOrder gives users full control
over job planning and tracking, project management, workflow, and
deadlines. In contrast to more rudimentary products, JobOrder offers its
users an integrated array of powerful concepts and tools to streamline and
refine entire business processes on an ongoing basis.

JobOrder increases business productivity and profitability through ease,
immediacy, and accuracy of access to information. “JobOrder gives our
customers great flexibility in defining and implementing business processes
to reflect their own needs and preferences,” says Victor Siegle, President
of Management Software. “Now that companies can access one database server
at the same time using Macintosh computers for their creative staff and
Windows computers for their financial staff, our customers can integrate
their entire business operation and can gain the efficiencies they need to
remain competitive. Management Software constantly refines JobOrder with
new ideas generated from the requests of its customers.”

JobOrder is ideally suited to meet the needs of organizations with 10 to
500 employees. Special introductory promotional pricing is available on our
web site at

Management Software Incorporated is based in Cortland, New York, where it
has provided custom programming services and software applications since

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