We are happy to let you know today that three more Macintosh developers have graciously offered prizes in celebration of TARGET=”_top”>MacMinute’s First Birthday Celebration. Real Software will donate a TARGET=”_top”>REALbasic Pro Package, the professional edition of the company’s powerful, easy-to-use tool for creating your own software for Macintosh, Mac OS X, and Windows. In addition, SpectorSoft Corporation has agreed to offer up two copies of TARGET=”_top”>Spector, a utility which works very much like a surveillance camera — allowing you to see exactly what other users on your computer have been doing online and offline. Crescendo Software, meanwhile, is giving away five licensed copies of TARGET=”_top”>Picture Play, a graphics application for Mac OS 8.6 through Mac OS X that allows users to create compositions of many images — essentially building an electronic collage. We would like to thank these companies for their generosity and support. The MacMinute Birthday Contest runs through the end of May and readers may only TARGET=”_top”>register once. Those who have already registered are automatically eligible for the additional prizes, so you don’t need to do so again.