“James Sentman announces CD Session Burner for Mac OS X”

5/14/2002 – CD Session Burner for Mac OS X lets you burn multiple
“sessions” to a CDR until all the space is used up. While disk burning is
built into Mac OS X, it burns the entire disk, even if you have only used a
small portion of it.

CD Session Burner uses Apples Disk Burner technology so any CD/DVD writer
that Disk Burner supports is also supported by CD Session Burner.

Simply drag and drop files or folders into CD Session Burner and click the
Burn button. When you use a multi-session CDR each session is mounted as a
separate volume. CD Session Burner requires Mac OS X 10.1.4 and the
optional “BSD Subsystem” installed from your OSX install CD.

You can download the first beta version today from:


Thank you,
James Sentman