In celebration of MacMinute’s first birthday today, Bare Bones Software is donating four copies of BBEdit 6.5 (a US$476 value) and four BBEdit T-Shirts ($80) to our TARGET=”_top”>contest. Also celebrating our birthday is Proteron, another MacMinute sponsor, who is donating five copies of MaxMenus (a $149.75 value) and five copies of N2MP3 Pro (a $299.75 value). In addition, Casady & Greene has donated copies of TimeSlice for Mac OS X ($59.95), Grammarian X ($49.95), and Captain Bumper ($19.95), as well as two copies of its acclaimed ConflictCatcher 9 utility ($159.90). The TARGET=”_top”>contest runs through the end of May and readers may register once. Those who registered earlier are automatically elligible for the additional prizes. MacMinute extends our thanks to the aforementioned companies for their generosity.