CopyPaste is the original award winning multiple clipboard utility and with
the release of version 1.3 it is better then ever.

It can be downloaded from or from:

CopyPaste is the digital hub for clipboard material and many other kinds of
data. It is easy to use, saves time and allows you to do less and
accomplish more. Try it and see how critical a clipboard manager is for OS

New Features in Version 1.3 :

* CopyPaste now can open RTF files
* CopyPaste now can save RTF files
* CopyPaste allows to use variable tabs by simply clicking into the Ruler.
* CopyPaste can automatically save copied text to an archive by typing
command-hotkey-c. The preferences allow setting this hotkey. The Archive can
be opened by a button on the main toolbar
* The Clipboard Recorder can now be used in the stack mode. I.e. by typing
command-hotkey-v the pasted clip gets removed from the first place in the
recorder. We call this Clip Revolver. The preferences allow setting this
* CopyPaste can now create a list of all words in a given text. You can
limit the list to show only email addresses or URLs or words that contain a
user defined substring. The number of occurrences for each word can also be
* CopyPaste can sort a list of words with user defined criterias.
* CopyPaste can create tab-separated columns from a list of words.
* CopyPaste can swap tab-separated columns.

* If you click the pencil button on the palette CopyPaste comes to the
front. This might be faster than going to the Dock.
* CopyPaste now implements the new Ruler from Richard Law. This offers a
more intuitive access to paragraph and style formatting.
* CopyPaste now has one Toolbar for all windows thereby saving space in each

* The key command to decrease left paragraph space
(control-option-command-L) was broken and is fixed now.
* The key command to open the CopyPaste help (command-?) was broken and is
fixed now.