For immediate release:

Beaverton, OR (May 5, 2002) – Jiiva, Inc., announces RapidDispatch 1.0
Beta, a fast, reliable, and extendable messaging service. RapidDispatch’s
real-time data distribution is designed for synchronization and Publish &
Subscribe architectures between applications.

RapidDispatch is Jiiva’s first commercial solution built using Jiiva’s
advanced Messaging & Queuing technology, RapidMQ. RapidMQ is a Message
Oriented Middleware implementation designed for asynchronous communication
over TCP/IP networks. RapidMQ works similarly to an email system in which
messages are stored and forwarded to reach their destinations. RapidMQ is
available for Mac OS X, Sun Solaris, and Red Hat Linux.

RapidDispatch contains a message server, frameworks to be included in
applications, and an administrative application that runs on Mac OS X. Also
included is a specific implementation used for WebObjects 4.5.1 and 5.1.
The WebObjects solution is designed to take advantage of the advanced
caching abilities of Enterprise Objects Framework. Web applications
designed for maximum efficiency cache data for quicker request-response
loops. RapidDispatch notifies each Web application instance of database
changes to keep cached data current.

RapidDispatch is available for evaluation at RapidDispatch is currently a beta product,
however two sites are already using RapidDispatch in production systems.
Pricing for RapidDispatch is based on the number of connections to the
server. A ten connection license is $999.99. A fifty connection license is
$4,999.99. An unlimited connection license is $9,999.99. The unlimited
connection license enables two additional features, load-balancing and
fail-over. Jiiva is offering a 25% discount to companies purchasing the
beta version for production.

“Even in beta, RapidDispatch has been really well received,” says Jiiva
president, Mark Ericksen. “Reliable synchronization is a missing feature
with WebObjects that competing Application Servers have already addressed.
Jiiva’s RapidDispatch filled the void.”

Visit Jiiva’s web site at for more
details about RapidDispatch. Or stop by Jiiva’s exhibitor booth at Apple’s
Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, May 6-10.

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