STAZ Software, Inc., developer of FutureBASIC, has long looked on
MetalBasic with interest and goodwill [see
(]. Andy
Gariepy, the driving force behind FutureBASIC for over a decade, had this
to say: “I’ve always worked hard to improve FutureBASIC. It’s easy to
understand Marin Saric’s determination to make the most of MetalBasic.”
Still, there has been concern among MetalBasic coders as to Mac OS X
support and the continued development of the environment.

FutureBASIC is one of the few programming environments to have crossed the
great divide from 68K to PPC and now to Carbon. The people at STAZ Software
understand the need to stand-by users, but also how difficult these changes
can be.


There seems to be a consensus that from the editing and programming
perspectives, [as well as the fierce determination to be the best 🙂 ],
FutureBASIC and MetalBasic have a lot in common. So we have decided to make
a special offer for MetalBasic users.

Please let this be clear. We are not saying, “Drop MetalBasic.” We are
saying, “Lever your MetalBasic knowledge in another IDE.” MetalBasic users
will see that FB coders are already showing how to use and optimize
MetalBasic code with FB.

STAZ Software has therefore agreed to offer a competitive cross-grade to
MetalBasic users. You can subscribe to FutureBASIC for the cost of an
upgrade. That is a US $70 saving!

Hold the phone… MetalBasic is a free language! How can we do this? Read on.


Any MetalBasic user who posted in the MetalBasic forums
( at
( prior to the 2002/04/19 qualifies.

Just send the URL of your post with your order.

If you are a MetalBasic user but didn’t post — contact us and talk this
over. If you can show a history of MetalBasic use [contributed code,
generated applications…] then you too may benefit from the offer. We
don’t want to exclude genuine MetalBasic users. We just want to weed out
the free loaders.


Now. The offer is valid until 2002/07/15.

If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us
( We invite you to download the free demo
( and have a look before

Whatever you decide, we hope that you will have a great time programming
your Mac with MetalBasic and FutureBASIC.

For over ten years FutureBASIC has been empowering a wide range of Mac
programmers worldwide to create fast, professional applications. Today’s
state-of-the-art release brings that power and ease of use to Macs from the
Classic 68K machines to the modern Mac OS X.