Griffin releases versions 1.1 PowerMate software for Mac OS X

Nashville, TN – April 18, 2002. Griffin Technology, Inc. has released
Version 1.1 of the PowerMate software for OS X. This software is free and
available immediately for download. Version 1.1 quickly addresses new
compatibility issues brought about with the recent release of Apple’s OS X
10.1.4. This free upgrade also adds multiple functionality and feature
improvements of the Griffin PowerMate – USB multimedia controller.

PowerMate Software version 1.1 for OS X adds several new “mouse” and
“scroll” functions to the selectable computer actions. This allows you to
add scrolling functionality to an application – even if a key command
doesn’t exist for this function. Version 1.1 also adds an adjustable
Sensitivity slide bar allowing independent sensitivity settings in each and
every unique Application Setting you’ve programmed your PowerMate to have.

The feature most requested – and now included in PowerMate Software Version
1.1 is Gaming Mode. Now PowerMate truly is the ultimate gaming accessory.
Strafe opponents in Quake or UT aiming with PowerMate. Relive the 80s
playing Tempest on MacMAME the way it’s supposed to be played – with a
solid-aluminum spinning knob complete with a blue glowing rubber base.

PowerMate Software Version 1.1 for OS X free download –

PowerMate – USB Multimedia Input Device –

PowerMate – Programmable USB Audio & Media Controller PowerMate is the
coolest volume knob your Mac has ever seen – and so much more. Use it to
edit iMovies, scroll through long documents and web pages. Best of all,
PowerMate is an assignable controller. Program it to do anything you want –
in any application. Customize it to your own needs and get wild.

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