Coderus Limited Unveils “MacDX” for Mac OS X

“The DirectX API comes to Mac OS X”

Great Britain (March 21st 2002) Coderus Ltd today announced MacDX for Mac
OS X. This product will change the way Software Houses, Publishers and Mac
OS Porting Houses bring Direct-X based products to the Mac OS Platform.

“The MacDX for Mac OS allows you to bring Direct-X orientated products to
the Mac OS platform without the need to re-develop the product. As the
DirectX interface is one of the most popular interfaces with a vast amount
of information and published documentation, why spend resources on bringing
your product to Mac OS when your team can be developing new features or
that next killer product” said Mark Thomas, CEO/Technical Director of
Coderus Ltd.

The MacDX API has the following features

* Fully Supports the DirectX interfaces the same as those Microsoft versions.
* Supports Mac OS X and Classic environments natively.
* ATI & Nvidia 3D Video cards support.
* Support C/C++ interfaces.
* Easily Integrated into your development environment.
* Debug Libraries for extra programmatic debug support.

The MacDX API is a licensable product from Coderus Ltd, and the license is
customable to your requirements from what you required from DirectX API.
For more information, please visit our web site

About Coderus Ltd

Coderus Ltd was founded in 1998 and has established itself as a pioneer in
porting Mac OS Solutions for DirectX oriented products. Coderus has over
ten years of experience of cross-platform solutions, and has assisted many
companies in getting their products available for Mac OS and Microsoft