Logiciels Malus Softwares releases the much-anticipated Sambucus v2.0.0

Montreal, Quebec, CANADA – April 8th, 2002 Malus Softwares released today
Sambucus 2.0.0, the multi-tasks time-management application for the
Macintosh. This new version is a major rewrite of version 1, integrating
many users requests:

– Contact Information per project;
– Notes can now be attached to both projects ans tasks;
– “Description” field for projects, tasks and time stamps allows the
user to describe the object for reporting purposes;
– Tasks can now have their own hourly rate;
– Activation files allow the user quickly start or stop time stamps
by dragging files to the application or timer window;
– Complete importing / exporting feature
– Flexible reporting module: Sambucus comes equipped with 6 basic
reports but the user can customize them or create brand new ones with
the XML report programming language!
– Task Sets: you can now define sets of tasks to create automatically
when you create a new project


Sambucus is a time-tracking application that is flexible and easy to use.
It is aimed at freelancers, small business or anyone else who might have
the need to track the time spent on various tasks and then report about it.
Through a simple interface, the user can manage the time spent on different
projects, each divided into one or more tasks. Furthermore, notes can be
saved for each task and each project. Like all Malus products, Sambucus is
offered in both English and french versions, and the “Undo” function is
only limited by the amount of memory allocated to the application; this way
the user can safely try-out features, knowing that the action can be undone.

System Requirements

– MacOS 8.0 or later (as of version 2.0.0, there is also an OS X
version available);
– at least 3MB of RAM;
– 4MB of disk space for the application (projects will also use disk space).


A trial version of Sambucus 2.0.0 is available immediately on Malus
Softwares’ website:

The trial version is fully functional for 30 days; the user must buy a
registration code for $ 20 US if he / she wants to continue using Sambucus.

About Malus Softwares

=ABSoftware solutions and databases for the Macintosh user=BB

Malus Softwares is a Montr=E9al-based company that specializes in the
development of applications and databases for the Macintosh. We make sure
that all our products are of the highest quality, bilingual and easy to
use. Even if the company is relatively young, our staff has years of
programming experience. Come take a look!