PC-Mac-Net FileShare v1.5 streamlines file transfers over LAN or Internet
with automatic cross-platform file renaming and drag and drop functionality

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA — April 9, 2002 — Lava Software is now shipping
PC-Mac-Net FileShare v1.5, a product which allows users to transfer files
easily and securely between any type of Windows PC and Macintosh over a
Local Area Network (LAN) or the Internet. File transfers can be paused and
resumed at any time, ensuring that even very large files can be reliably

This new version makes it much easier to transfer large numbers of files
between PCs and Macs quickly and efficiently, whilst correctly retaining
file name extensions and types/creators. Files transferred from a Windows
PC to a Macintosh have their type/creator set automatically, based on the
PC file name extension. Files transferred from a Macintosh to a Windows PC
have their PC file name extension added automatically, based on the
Macintosh file’s type/creator. The list matching Macintosh file
types/creators to PC file name extensions can be modified by the user.

The names of files stored in the ‘Shared’ folder are now automatically
changed, if necessary, to ensure cross-platform file name compatibility.
All exotic characters which may cause problems are removed, and file names
which are too long are shortened whilst correctly retaining their file name

Drag and drop functionality has been added in this release, allowing users
to drag files from the desktop onto the ‘My local file list’, thus allowing
them to be shared. On the Macintosh, files can also be dragged out of the
‘My local file list’ and dropped onto the desktop.

The free demo software is fully functional and allows users to evaluate
PC-Mac-Net FileShare for an unlimited time, though only files less than 2mb
in size can be transferred. The full version, priced at USD24.95, can
transfer files of any size. Purchasers get download access to the current
version of the software for all platforms, as well as free upgrades for one

Versions are available for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP, MacOS Classic (from
System 7.6.1 upwards, with PPC processor), and MacOS X.

About the Company

Lava Software Pty. Ltd., a company incorporated in the State of South
Australia, began developing its range of software in 1992. More
information, including user manuals and demo software for this product, is
available from or by emailing