Unique Java-based Software Saves Developers Money, Time
JTRANSIT v2.0 deploys ColdFusion applications to J2EE

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – JTransit, Inc. today announced the early availability
of JTransit version 2, the only software that enables integrated deployment
of ColdFusion(R) applications with JSP, EJB, Java Servlets, other J2EE
technologies and Witango/Tango 2000 based web applications.

JTransit’s innovative Java-based products provide an efficient and
cost-effective way to migrate ColdFusion or Tango application code to any
J2EE-compliant application server, such as BEA’s WebLogic or IBM’s
WebSphere. With JTransit, developers are no longer restricted to using
proprietary application servers with limited platform support. JTransit
technology allows customers to leverage current assets for J2EE deployment
to virtually any platform and existing resources for continued development
of pure java applications.

“JTransit makes it possible for us to offer our customers the best of both
worlds,” says Wes Headley, President of Actual Systems of Walnut Creek, CA.
“Our customers benefit from speed and scalability. JTransit is simply an
amazing product.”

With increasing market demand for J2EE-compliance, JTransit allows
developers to combine the time-to-market benefits offered by
first-generation web application development environments with powerful and
easy integration into existing or new J2EE solutions. With JTransit,
components such as custom e-commerce applications and other dynamic website
functionalities can be migrated to J2EE servers in days, not months.

According to Chris Kelch, JTransit Chief Technology Officer, “JTransit
allows applications that have outgrown their tag-based roots to transition
gradually to pure Java without incurring significant up-front cost of being
completely re-engineered.”

The JTransit 2.0 product family includes JTransit Compiler, JTransit
Runtime, JTransit Frontline(tm) and JTransit RedLine(tm). These products
allow developers to expand their Internet development opportunities beyond
typical HTTP-centric offerings with programmable FTP and EMAIL protocol
servers, load and regression testing, global monitoring, and installation
and update capabilities.

About JTransit

JTransit, Inc., is a leading provider of J2EE migration tools and services
based in San Francisco. JTransit empowers independent web developers and
Global 5000 web designers by providing the ability to compile common web
application languages into Java code for deployment to J2EE servers.
JTransit lowers development costs, enables migration to an open standard,
and opens the J2EE world to a larger group of web developers offering a
time-to-market advantage over rewriting existing tag-based web applications
or building J2EE systems in pure java. More information about Jtransit
products and services is available at http://jtransit.com/