Camp Hill, PA: Autolycus Corporation, creator of the innovative SpinImage
3-D imaging software announces that its SpinImage DV software is OS X
compatible. Users of the new and powerful Macintosh OS X are now able to
take advantage of this 3-D imaging software that allows the online consumer
to “spin” the product, and gives the merchant a uniquely effective way to
enhance Web marketing efforts. These images may be saved using Apple’s
QuickTime VR technology, or Autolycus’ original SpinImage format that
requires no plug-in.

In an effort to resolve the problems associated both with creating and
viewing dynamic visual content on the Internet, Autolycus Corporation has
successfully developed advanced software that is fast becoming recognized
in the Internet market. Mr. Andrew Justice, Founder and President of
Autolycus Corporation described this new and expanding market by stating
the following: “We are proud to be in the forefront of this innovative 3-D
technology and excited about the potential of this exceptional marketing
tool.” By adding OS X compatibility, Autolycus strengthens its standing in
the 3-D technology market.

Due to ever-increasing e-commerce on the Internet, merchants are finding
3-D imaging to be the ultimate in selling tools. Customers enjoy visual
interest and interactivity, so using 3-D images puts merchants one step
ahead of their competitors.

The latest SpinImage DV Pro software is rapidly gaining praise as the best
3-D imaging tool for its high quality, cost effectiveness, quick Web
downloads and user-friendly (no plug-in) output. Autolycus’ satisfied
customers include Sony Pictures Entertainment, CNET, New Balance Athletic
Wear and many more. Customers tell Autolycus that the technology enhances
their effectiveness:

“I think having these 360-degree images will really help our marketing
sales efforts by adding this three dimensional element to the shoes.”
Johnson Mon, Web Content Developer, New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.

“Autolycus image technology is fantastic. It is so fast and easy to use
that within a day’s time we were able to create hundreds of 3-D images of
the robots on location at the Las Vegas BattleBots competition.” Greg
Munson, President, BattleBots.

Autolycus Corporation is a software company dedicated to bringing
interactive visual content to the Web in the fastest, easiest way. Demo
versions for Mac and PC are available for download at and are receiving a strong response. For
further details and sales information, contact US sales manager John
Strigle at or visit the Web site at