Representatives from Imacination will be available for demonstrations
during JavaOne in San Francisco beginning Monday, March 25 at the Apple
Computer Pavilion.

March 25, 2002 — Imacination Software, publishers of acclaimed Ch-Ching!
Instant E-commerce software, today announced the impending release and
availability of their web application development software, jTalk,
demonstrating the technology at Sun Microsystems Java Developer Conference,

jTalk is a JSP custom tag library that enables users to quickly develop and
build web applications. jTalk provides an easy to use, HTML-like, XML
syntax that leverages the power of any Java Application Server by providing
math and string functions, logic and expression parsing, database and
e-mail integration, as well as server control.

jTalk answers the challenges developers and designers are faced with when
building dynamic web applications, without requiring extensive knowledge of
Java or any other web development language.

“Customers are agnostic of who is behind the web site, they expect no less
of an experience from a small business than of a Fortune 100 corporation,”
comments Dennis Martinez of Peterman Research Group. “Small and medium
businesses are challenged to develop such applications using the limited
resources and skills they have.”

“jTalk is a remarkable achievement,” remarks Imacination president, Allon
Bendavid. “The Internet as a whole may have leveled the playing field for
small and large businesses alike to access the global market, but leaves a
gaping whole for building applications to serve customers. jTalk fills that

The Missing Link

Developers will immediately grasp the value of using jTalk as the
foundation for their web applications as jTalk’s Model-View-Controller
architecture solidifies collaboration between developers by separating the
presentation or design layer from the business logic.

The MVC architecture enables designers and developers to work
simultaneously and independently of each other, making changes without
disrupting the usability of the web application. jTalk is the “missing
link” between development and design at the junction of the Java
Application Server.

Standards Compliant

Unlike competitive technologies, jTalk is founded solely upon the
definitive standards for web applications integrating with Java Application
Servers and SQL Database Servers.

Built from the ground up around the SQL database standard, database
communication is inherent and simply unparalleled. An included, jTalk
web-based Database Manager allows users to build pooled database
connections, a task otherwise daunting even to seasoned programmers, view
and modify database schema design and quickly access their data through and
interactive or advanced database query wizard.

jTalk’s XML syntax is scriptable in any development environment including
Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev and Adobe GoLive. Developers no longer need
to be isolated by proprietary technologies to benefit from ease of use.

Pricing, Availability, and Requirements

jTalk is immediately available for purchase for a license fee of $999 per
production server until its final release at $1299. Documentation, product
information and data sheets and links to working applications built upon
the jTalk platform can be viewed at

Final delivery date for jTalk expected on April 15 2002.

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About Imacination

Ventura, California based Imacination Software is a privately held company
focusing on the development of commercial E-commerce and Web application
software. Imacination Software can be reached by calling 800/244-5332, by
email to or on the Worldwide Web at