SQL4X Manager J released

Dear Editor

We are proud to announce the new SQL4X Manager J 2.1. The new SQL4X Manager
J is the easiest way to access SQL database servers from Mac OS X. SQL4X
Manager J supports all major database vendors (Oracle, Microsoft SQL
Server, Sybase ASE, PostgreSQL, OpenBase, MySQL and several others).

SQL4X Manager J is designed to support developers and web site
administrators. It features:

– a New Connection Assistant to easily set up a JDBC connection to your
database server (and even download the JDBC driver if it isn’t already

– the JDBC Finder to browse in a Mac OS X Finder-style column view through
your database, double-click to open and edit a table, display table
information (like number of records, table design and foreign keys) and
view images stored in BLOB fields

– the DB Navigator to get an All-in-One View for developers (data, table
definition and keys)

– SimpleReporter4X to automatically convert you query results in a report
or generate and print your own reports

– SQL Console to run your own queries and scripts. Supports syntax coloring
and non-update-queries (for instance to create tables or run stored

For more information and a free trial take a look at
http://www.macosguru.de/. A single user license can be purchased online for

SQL4X Manager J is written completely in Cocoa and Java and demonstrates
the power of Apple’s Java Bridge technology to integrate native Mac OS X
applications with Java code to access databases. Other applications
available from InterServices New Media’s MacOS GURU Team include the
eSuite4X and SQL4X Manager Pro, an easy to use MySQL installer for MacOS X
with a native MacOS X GUI to administer MySQL database servers.

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Thomas K. Fischer

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