Announcement: Revolution 1.1.1 beta 2 (RC1) for Windows, Mac and Linux

Last week we announced the release for Mac OS/X and are now pleased to
announce the availability of Revolution 1.1.1 beta 2 (effectively release
candidate 1) for Windows and Linux. A release for the various Unix variants
will take place shortly.

Revolution is an industry leading cross-platform development tool which
allows developers to write their source code once and deliver on all major
platforms. Revolution 1.1.1 b2 (rc1) builds on the feature set of previous
releases, improves stability and adds enhancements in internet access,
database support, the user interface and improvements to the underlying
engine. For more information on the product please have a look at our

The new release 1.1.1b2 (RC1) is currently available for Linux, Windows,
Mac OS/X. A free starter kit of the software is available from the links

Windows Version


Mac OS Versions


Linux Versions


Information for the press and user groups.

Runtime Revolution can supply free (not for re-sale) reviewers licences on
request to those writing for appropriate magazines, websites or user group
newsletters. We can also supply demonstration editions for inclusion on

We expect this release to be almost identical to the final commercial
version and as a result it should be suitable for use in previews and