You can now play Video CDs on OS X! Mireth Technology has released version
4.0 of MacVCD X for Mac OS X. This is the first release of our VCD player
that supports the native Video CD format on Mac OS X. You can now insert a
VCD in the CD Rom drive of your Macintosh running Mac OS X and watch the

MacVCD X is the easy-to-use, full screen, full featured Video CD Player for
the Macintosh. VCD movies are frequently stored in multiple files (called
tracks) and because of CD storage size limitations, are often stored on
more than one disk. MacVCD X recognizes the VCD format, finds, loads and
plays the movie for you, automatically chaining the tracks together and
ejecting the disk when it’s done. Sit back and enjoy the movie on full
screen, or even on your TV, with no interruptions except to insert the next

MacVCD X also comes with several control options. Use the menu bar and the
movie controller on the top and bottom of the screen, or maximize screen
size by hiding the menu bar and movie controller and use the keyboard
equivalents instead. You can also use the Hands Free(TM) speech activated
controls with a stereo headset to control the movie. That=92s the easy way t=

MacVCD X features:
– Full screen display, even on large monitors
– Automatic VCD format recognition and file chaining
– Auto Play and Auto Eject options
– Easy to use standard Macintosh Interface with both Movie Controller and
Keyboard control
– Track selection
– Support for both multi-language and karaoke soundtracks
– Hands Free(TM) speech activated control
– Playback on a second display (like a TV)
– Advanced movie controls including slow motion, fast motion and backwards

Version 4.0 adds support for the native Video CD format on Mac OS X version

MacVCD – the easy way to play (TM)

Price: MacVCD X for Mac OS X costs $19.95(US) and can be ordered from
Mireth’s web site at Bulk discounts and upgrade
pricing are available.

Availability: You can download a copy (free demo included) from

System Requirements: Macintosh PowerPC G3, Mac OS X 10.1, QuickTime 5 or lat=

More information: go to or contact
Mireth Technology at

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