Monday, March 18th, 2002
Iconfactory Press Release – IconViewer 1.0 Released

The Iconfactory, in conjunction with Polymorph Software Development is
pleased to announce the release of our latest freeware icon utility,

IconViewer is a quick and easy way to view any and all resources contained
within a Macintosh desktop icon. Simply drag and drop any icon onto
IconViewer (or launch the program and select one from the File menu) and a
small inspector window appears that allows you to browse the various sizes
and bit depths of that icon. IconViewer was originally developed for
internal use and is very helpful for people running pre-OS X systems, but
who want to view the 128×128 resources contained in a particular icon file.
IconViewer also works well for OS X users who want to see an icon in all
its 128×128 glory, but who don’t want to continually change their desktop /
Dock settings to full magnification.

* Carbon application for use with 8.6 – OS 10.x
* View OS X icons (and their 128×128 versions) on OS 9
* View 32-bit resources against different background colors
* Dynamically scale 128’s to simulate the OS X dock
* Ease of use via drag & drop

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