March 15th, 2002.
James Sentman is happy to announce the third beta version of acgi
dispatcher for MacOS X.

Acgi dispatcher allows you to write cgi programs for the web in apple
script while using MacOS X’s built in Apache webserver.

Beta 3 improves the Apache configuration options allowing you to associate
any number of suffixes with the program instead of just ‘.acgi’.

Adds support for “Launch at suffix” programs that work as pre-processors.

Fully supports the “send partial” event for working with multi-threaded

and finally adds several cgi utilities to make porting your classic scripts
easier: url encode/decode, pack/unpack cgi and base64 encode/decode. The
OSAX that offered these functions are not yet available for OSX.

Included in the package is a fully functional iTunes remote control applet
by way of demonstration and to help you get started.

acgi dispatcher can be downloaded now from:

Thank you,

James Sentman (
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