Creative Standard Releases 2.5 Content Management Solution

We’ve Added Workflow and Team Management to Our Flexible & Affordable
Content Management Solution for Small and Medium Businesses…

We are proud to announce the release of Creative Standard Enterprise 2.5.
Our content management solution is now J2EE-compliant, based on Apple’s
innovative WebObjects technology and is specifically designed for quick
enterprise deployments on Mac OS x, Solaris and Windows.

Designers and business users can quickly and easily manage assets and
content on robust Websites without the use of templates or bringing in the
“coders.” Coders are no longer needed to implement site changes so, one
level of overhead and the bottlenecks created with this old process are

We make production and team management easy as teams work seamlessly
together with our new multilevel permissions-based workflow and content
approval features. Efficiency, rapid deployment, subscription-based
permission levels, integrated e-Commerce and complete design control, all
at a low cost, are just a few of the benefits immediately realized with
Creative Standard Enterprise 2.5.

I’ve included additional details and technical specifications below and on
our Website at (
Please take a look and contact us if you would like more information or
would like a full demo of the application.

Our solution will revolutionize how you and/or your clients manage Websites!


Mark Jauregui
Vice President, Marketing


Content Management for Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) and Web Solution Tea=

Creative Standard Enterprise 2.5 gives businesses the power to build and
manage sophisticated, flexible Websites without calling in programmers
every time they want to change or update their Website or intranet. Based
on WebObjects, an innovative application server technology that can be
deployed on nearly any platform, Creative Standard Enterprise 2.5 is an
easy to use, rapidly deployed and low-cost Website development and
management solution that can help any business gain efficiencies and add to
their bottom line.

Creative Standard Enterprise 2.5 Features:

Rapid deployment and ROI at a fraction of the cost of comparable content
management systems

A unique Web-based design tool that makes adding powerful features such as
multiple security levels and content management to Websites as easy as
using a word processor

Over a dozen built-in, powerful and customizable objects that bring
flexibility to Websites without programming or the need for templates

Full workflow capabilities to easily manage rich deployments across depart=

Full Website versioning ensures only the =93right=94 content is published

Security levels include Users, Department Administrators and Administrators

Easy file management for non-technical users (no FTP tool required)

An optional, full featured, e-Commerce module, that requires only
customization of graphic design

Subscription-based permissions services

Integration with billing and payment processing solutions

Total control over the graphical look and feel so the site looks exactly
the way you need it =96 including company colors logos, Flash animation, and
any custom design

Technical Specifications:

Built entirely in Java for performance and compatibility with existing syste=

J2EE-compliant with full Java Beans integration support

Generate HTML, XML, or SMIL from reusable templates

Database integration with SQL Server, FrontBase, Oracle, Sybase and
Informix and open-source databases

Easy deployment on Solaris, Linux, Windows 2000/XP and Mac OS X.

LDAP access is through a JNDI adaptor

Works with Netscape iPlanet Web Server, Apache and Windows 2000 Internet
Information Server 5.0

Integrates with Apache SOAP for web services generation



Creative Standard Enterprise 2.5 – $9999.00 USD per license. Contact us for

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