Global Graphics Launches Jaws PDF Server Solution

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Global Graphics(R) Launches Jaws PDF Server(TM) Centralized PDF Production
Solution for Standardized Enterprise File Distribution, Publishing and

— New server-based PDF creation software lets network users on PCs,
Macs(R) or Unix(R) clients easily create, distribute, publish and archive
standardized documents from their desktops

Cambridge, UK, March 4, 2002 – Global Graphics (Nasdaq Europe: GLGR,
Euronext: GLOG), a leading developer and supplier of high-performance
solutions for document creation and printing, today introduced Jaws PDF
Server(TM), an easy and cost-effective way to give all members within an
organization the ability to quickly create and distribute documents in the
consistent and secure Portable Document Format (PDF) file format direct
from the desktop.

Jaws PDF Server is a powerful, but highly economical, tool for system
administrators that manages the conversion of users’ documents into PDF
files. The system can be configured as a virtual printer to support any
native application and also accepts PostScript(R), PDF and TIFF(TM) (Tagged
Image File Format) files directly. A post processing option in Jaws PDF
Server can be used to define extra actions after each PDF file has been
created. These subsequent downstream processes include enterprise-wide
distribution, local/remote printing, Internet/intranet publishing, entry
into document management systems and archiving, etc. Jaws PDF Server
significantly reduces the cost of multi-user ownership through its
competitive Corporate Licensing Programme and provides powerful automatic
workflow design capabilities.

PDF files are becoming the de facto standard for corporate document
management purposes. Unlike other file formats, PDF files retain a
document’s integrity since they cannot be altered easily, and their small
file size greatly increases file transfer speeds across networks, reduces
Internet viewing and download times and maximizes archiving efficiency.

Jaws PDF Server licenses are available to support from 50 to an unlimited
number of users located anywhere in an organization on a Local area network
(LAN) or Wide area network (WAN) to produce PDF files from PostScript(R),
EPS, TIFF(TM) and PDF files created on Windows(R), Mac and Unix platforms.
In addition, Windows users can create PDF files from within any application
such as Word(R), Excel(R) and WordPerfect by printing to Jaws PDF Server’s
optimized printer drivers across a network.

Workflow design flexibility
A server-based software solution, Jaws PDF Server makes it easy for IT
system administrators to design and centrally manage any number of
distribution procedures according to document destinations. Administrators
can make these procedures available across the network as “virtual
printers”. Users on the network can either drag-and-drop files into a
desktop hot folder for automatic processing or select a document
destination via the printer chooser menu.

Jaws PDF Server consists of three modules that integrate to automate and
optimize PDF file conversion: SmartInput(TM) and Queuer(TM) control the
file input and output paths, while Jaws PDF Creator(TM) creates the
optimized PDF files. A drag-and-drop graphical interface simplifies
configuration and workflow administration. Pre-defined PDF settings are
created and the systems administrator can make these available as printer
drivers or hot folders across different departments within an organization.
PDF files created using Jaws PDF Server can subsequently be used with
Adobe(R) Acrobat(R) products, or any other third-party PDF tools.

Jaws PDF Server’s load-balancing capability can be configured to spread the
workload throughout a cluster of servers in a workgroup, increasing
productivity and throughput.

Alan Wheeler, Director of Corporate Sales Development, Global Graphics
Software said, “Enterprises produce a wide range of documents that need to
be distributed and published both internally and externally. Jaws PDF
Server lets document originators across the enterprise create standardized
PDF files quickly and cost effectively. In addition, the built-in security
features of Jaws PDF Server ensures the integrity and security of sensitive
documents will be maintained.”

Jaws PDF Server is the latest addition to the expanding range of Jaws PDF
products from Global Graphics which are designed to bring robust and
cost-effective solutions to document creation and control, with unique
products for managing effective and secure distribution and web/hard-copy
publishing. Other products Global Graphics offers for document creation,
management and printing include: Jaws PDF Creator(TM) (a stand-alone PDF
Creation tool which translates and renders files created in a wide range of
native office and page layout applications to the published PDF
specification); and Jaws PDF Courier(TM) (a customizable and secure
document delivery system for print production).

Jaws PDF Server runs on Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows 2000 Terminal
Server platforms. The software is available immediately and can be
purchased from a network of resellers listed on


About Jaws PDF Technologies
Jaws PDF technologies are a suite of products developed by Global Graphics
Software. Jaws PDF creation tools and PDF-based solutions have been
available since 1994 and the company is committed to the ongoing
development of new and innovative products to meet evolving market

The Jaws PDF product line delivers document creation, management, and
output tools for a range of applications. Products include: Jaws PDF
Creator, the simple and affordable method of producing PDF files from any
application; Jaws PDF Server, the enterprise solution for centralized PDF
creation; and Jaws PDF Courier, the generation and delivery of secure PDF
files for print providers.

In addition, custom Jaws PDF Solutions are developed by Global Graphics for
organizations requiring powerful and streamlined document-based solutions
for specific local/remote applications.

About Global Graphics
Global Graphics Software is a leading developer and supplier of
sophisticated high performance RIPs, PDF document, workflow and color
solutions mostly to a customer base of Original Equipment Manufacturers.
These partners include the world’s leading vendors of digital pre-press
systems, large-format color printers, color proofing systems, copiers and
printers for the corporate and SOHO markets. Jaws PDF creation tools have
been developed since the format’s inception in 1994.