Contact: Kevin VanStrien

February 27th, 2002

Customer Tracker, an invoicing and customer database application, has been
updated to version 2.6. Customer Tracker can be used to store and track
jobs done for customers, print or email invoices, work logs, envelopes,
labels and more.

Customer Tracker is now entering into its 3rd year. It has gone though many
improvements, feature additions, and fixes thanks to the many helpful
emails I have received from the Mac community. I thank you for your support
and comments and for helping me to make Customer Tracker the best it can be!

Customer Tracker 2.6 includes the following new features/fixes:
* A timer issues fixed where pausing multiple times in a row added time
* Printing of Higher resolution logos than 72 dpi at the correct size
* Selection of multiple customers and apply an entry to all of them at once
* Calculation bug in receivables when taxes applied showed credit instead
of zero balance
* Corrected bug causing database corruption when force quitting out of
invoice email
* Corrected crash when envelope printing with Logo when no logo available
* Line wrapping on Invoice 3 improved for type and description
* 2 Different Business Header Functions available for invoice for window
envelope lineup (available to selected in the Preferences)
* Improved Backup Capability
* Preferences for Before and After backups
* Backup Restore now easy to do if a file does become corrupted/lost
* Users can now log out of a session and leave program running
* If user logged in, can now track who originally entered customers
and entries
* International Number formatting, not perfect yet…but a first attempt
* Increased Invoice Number range from 5 digits to 6
* Command-Shift-N for new customer, Command-Shift-E to edit customer, etc
* Multiple character currency symbol now available
* Increased tax precision by one more decimal place
* In Email Invoice, business header now uses “-” separator instead of “/”
to reduce confusion with URLs
* Frequent Items will now maintain the order they are placed in in the
entry window
* Updated tutorial available for download

Customer Tracker 2.6 is available for $34.99 for new registrations and
$20.00 for upgrades from a 1.x version.

Customer Tracker 2.6 is available for:
Mac OS X (10.1 recommended)
Mac PPC (classic)

Download or view more information at:

Kevin VanStrien