As the battle over copyrighted protection gains momentum, Disney CEO Michael Eisner has accused computer makers of encouraging piracy. “The ‘killer app’ for the computer industry is piracy. They think their short-term growth is predicated on pirated content,” a Cinescope article quotes Eisner as having said, as noted by MacNN. Eisner also took specific issue with Apple’s “Rip. Mix. Burn.” campaign, accusing the advertisements of conveying the message that users “can create a theft if they buy this computer.” Meanwhile, the Web site StopPoliceware offers a petition for users who oppose the SSSCA to sign. The SSSCA is a bill that has been proposed to the U.S. Congress that would require new computers and home entertainment devices to feature built-in “policeware” that would restrict the use of copyrighted materials. The site also features a parody “Rip. Mix. Burn. Jail.” flash animation.