WiebeTech launches improved DesktopGB featuring 120GB and 160GB support,
faster data transfer rates, quieter operation and substantially lower
prices, while continuing to provide dual FireWire and USB 1.1/2.0 support.

DesktopGB is now improved by providing support for 120GB and 160GB drives.
The driver has been upgraded and now features a higher performance transfer
rate. DesktopGB is also quieter through the use of an improved fan
assembly. Current configurations have been repriced. The new 120GB/7200RPM
unit is introduced at $369.95. Users can now install drives of up to 160GB
in the user configurable version of DesktopGB.

WICHITA, KS. (February 19, 2001) WiebeTech LLC announces improvements to
its DesktopGBTM. These improvements take a successful product and make it
even more in demand by improving capacity, increasing real world transfer
speeds, reducing noise, reducing prices, and dramatically increasing value
for the user of high performance FireWire and USB drives. =93DesktopGB has
found a receptive customer base because of its high speed Oxford 911
FireWire interface and its dual USB1.1 / USB2.0 support.=94 Wiebe said. =
new features of DesktopGB make it an even more outstanding product, while
the price of the product has been substantially reduced. Digital Video
professionals and other users who demand performance will appreciate the
incredible speed of DesktopGB.=94

Improvements to all versions of DesktopGB include:

* DesktopGB now supports capacities to 160GB in the user configurable
version, due to updated FireWire firmware.

* DesktopGB now includes a much quieter fan assembly.

* DesktopGB’s real world read transfer rate is now greater than 30 MB /
second. Price changes and product line additions to DesktopGB include:

* The 60GB/7200RPM version of DesktopGB is now offered for $249.95.

* The 80GB/7200RPM version of DesktopGB is now offered for $299.95.

* A new 120GB/7200RPM version of DesktopGB is now offered for $369.95.

* The base unit of DesktopGB remains an outstanding value at $159.95. The
base unit now supports user installed 160GB drives and faster transfer

All configurations are currently in stock at the WiebeTech website.
Products are also available through dealers and distributors worldwide. The
firmware update and the fan update are available to the existing customer
base of WiebeTech as a free product update.*

About James Wiebe and WiebeTech

James Wiebe was CEO of Newer Technology, a $50 million+ computer peripheral
manufacturer. WiebeTech LLC was founded in July, 2000 and has been a
development stage company since that time. WiebeTech is focused on
developing the coolest micro storage solutions for personal computer users.
WiebeTech LLC is located in Wichita, KS. For additional information on
WiebeTech or their products, visit http://www.wiebetech.com.