Mega-Mailer 1.2 a powerful mass-mailing solution for FileMaker released! Dacons International Inc.

Vancouver, B.C, Canada,
Dacons International announces the release of Mega-Mailer, a powerful
mass-mailing solution for FileMaker Pro.

Mega-Mailer enables you to send mass-mailings from within FileMaker using
data from your existing FileMaker Pro database. No external e-mail
application is needed. Merge different fields to create highly customized
emails for memos, promotions, news letters etc. in minutes.

Here are some of Mega-Mailers powerful features
– personalize your mass mailing with salutations
– create highly individualized email bodies
– send simple bulk mails or highly customized mailings
– send attachments
– send up to 56 emails per minute (DSL – plain text)
– easy to adopt to your needs
– clean interface and very user friendly
– status bar
– build-in email address checker
– compose your mass-mailings in a few simple steps

Mega-Mailer was created with the help of – the popular FileMaker
Pro email plug-in used by thousand of users worldwide and it is FREE for
all license holders! license starts at US$59.00.

Mega-Mailer works with POP/SMTP based emails account.

It is available for Mac and for Windows 98SE, WindowsNT, Windows2000,
WindowsXP and WindowsME.
Mega-Mailer is not yet compatible with MacOS X.

Download a free, fully functional trial version at

Mega-Mailer is available in single or multi user licenses.