Apple and Circuit City this week mutually agreed to end their relationship with one another, MacMinute has learned. During the coming months and over the course of the remaining year, Circuit City stores will phase out the iMac, iBook, and other Apple products that they carried. Circuit City locations contacted by MacMinute report having already removed their Apple displays, after having been told to do so on Wednesday. “This is a mutual decision. It is our policy not to go into details about the relationships with our vendors,” Bill Cimino, a PR spokesperson for Circuit City said when asked why the two companies had decided to part ways. Circuit City stores began carrying Apple products about one-and-a-half years ago; since then, Apple has opened up 27 retail locations and placed its own employees in CompUSA stores in an effort to boost its retail image. Updated 15:15: “Apple and Circuit City have mutually decided to go their separate ways and will be phasing out their relationship over the coming year,” a statement from Apple reads. Also of note, with its withdrawal from Circuit City, Apple’s only national presence outside of its own retail stores is at CompUSA.