The first public beta of acgi dispatcher for MacOS X now available!

acgi dispatcher is a program that enables you to use acgi programs written
in AppleScript or other AppleEvent aware languages to write cgi programs to
be run with the Apache web server that is part of Mac OS X.

In Mac OS 9 and earlier there was an apple event system to let you do this
with the built in webserver, but Apache on Mac OS X does not support this.
Apple does include a solution to this problem with their Mac OS X Server
product, but people not wanting to make the extra investment were out of

acgi dispatcher runs as a background process on Mac OS X so it does not
need to clutter your screen with windows and dock icons if you don’t wish
to see them. It also has the capability to run and serve pages while your
machine is logged out. Installation is drag and drop and requires no manual
editing of unix config files.

In addition to supporting the traditional acgi AppleScript system acgi
dispatcher adds some new information to the parameters to simplify and
speed up your scripts. Instead of only sending the raw encoded form data,
acgi dispatcher will url decode and spilt form data into apple script lists
for you. This removes the necessity to use either very slow pure apple
script code, or OSAX’s that may not be carbon compatible yet.

When the beta period is complete acgi dispatcher will be released as
shareware. acgi dispatcher is made with REALbasic.

You can download the program today from: (

Thank you,
James Sentman

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