Perforce Software and Seapine Software Improve Developers’ Control Over
Code Revision And Debugging

Integration combines defect tracking and version control solutions

ALAMEDA, Calif., February 4, 2002 – Perforce Software, Inc. and Seapine
Software, Inc. today announced the integration of Perforce Software
Configuration Management (SCM) with Seapine’s defect tracking application,
TestTrack Pro(tm). This integration allows developers to associate specific
defects logged in TestTrack Pro with their source code stored in Perforce

Perforce SCM is a comprehensive system that manages the changes made during
the software development process. Perforce combines speed and everyday ease
of use with the capacity to handle large, distributed development

“This integration is a natural fit for Perforce,” said Nigel Chanter, chief
operating officer of Perforce Software. “Perforce Software and Seapine
share the same intense commitment to provide the fastest and most reliable
development tools on the market with exceptional customer support.”

TestTrack Pro is a robust, cross-platform defect management solution with
platform-native server support on Windows, Solaris, Linux, and Mac OS X.
Fast, secure, and customizable, TestTrack easily scales from small
development teams to large enterprises.

“Seapine and Perforce Software have a strong commitment to providing
best-of-breed development tools across a wide range of operating systems,”
said Richard Riccetti, president of Seapine Software. “This integration
enhances the value of our respective tools for our customers by reducing
software development time and improving product quality.”

About Perforce Software
Perforce Software, Inc. develops, markets and supports Perforce, the FAST
Software Configuration Management (SCM) system. Perforce SCM — fast to
learn, install and execute operations — manages the changes made while
developing software. Headquartered in Alameda, Calif., Perforce Software
sells worldwide and has international operations in Europe, Japan, and
Africa. Perforce supports more than 75,000 programmers who develop systems,
application, Web, and database software for companies in varied markets
including the financial, education, research and games markets. For
additional information, contact Perforce via e-mail at,
on the Web at, or via phone at (510) 864-7400.

About Seapine Software
Seapine Software, Inc., located in Mason, Ohio, was founded to develop
industry-leading solutions in software defect tracking and life-cycle
management. Its scalable, full-featured TestTrack Pro products provide
flexibility and speed unparalleled in the industry, backed by impeccable
customer support. Over 100,000 users in more than 40 countries use
Seapine’s products. For more information on Seapine Software and its
products, please visit the company on the Web at