Grid 2.5 and CGridSort 1.2 are out now !

Grid 2.5
Spreadsheet plug-in control for REALbasic. Grid is the most light weight Gri=
control in the family of spreadsheet controls that we make, our specialized
spreadsheet controls StyleGrid and CustomGrid are based on Grid.

New in Grid 2.5:
* Added a GotFocus event.
* Added a LostFocus event.
* Added a KeyDown event.
* Added a MouseDrag event.
* Added a CancelEventAction property.
* Added GetFocusOnClick property.
* Added support for CGridSort 1.1 and 1.2.
* Added support for CColumnResize.
* Added a VerticalScrollbar property
(See notes in the docs about this one).
* Added a ColumnMinWidth property.
* Text Wraping in cells now works for Win32.
* Column Headers are now appearance savvy on Mac OS and Mac OS X.
* Listbox frame is now appearance savvy on Mac OS and Mac OS X.
* Sort order indicator is now appearance savvy on Mac OS X.
* Added a SortIndicatorColumn property. (See notes in the docs)
* Longstanding gap-problem in column headers when scrolling fixed on
Mac OS, Mac OS X and Win32.
* Changed many things regarding drawing of the Grid on OS X.
* Changed behavior of the HeaderHeight property, see docs for details
(especially regarding OS X).
* Changed behavior of the HeaderBackColor property, see docs for
* Column headers clicks are now generated after mouse up, therefore
the ColumnHeaderMouseDown event was renamed to ColumnHeaderClick
(See upgrade migration notes to upgrade your projects)
* Made minor speed optimizations in drawing cell rendering.

CGridSort 1.2 adds a sample project for usage with Grid 2.5.

Grid 2.5 and other Einhugur components for REALbasic can be found at

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