Subject: InterMapper Remote 1.0b4 available

InterMapper Remote 1.0b4 is now available. It adds a small number of
features and fixes many bugs. The changes in this version are listed in the
release notes attached to this message.

The current beta-test version is available from:

Dartware, LLC
25 S. Main St, PO Box 130 Telephone: 603-643-2268
Hanover, NH 03755-0130 USA Fax: 603-643-2289

InterMapper Remote ™ 1.0b4 Release Notes – 30 Jan 2002

* [FEATURE] Alt-clicking a map entry in the server list window will now
select all maps on the same server.

* [FEATURE] Alt-clicking the Open button, or Alt-double-clicking to connect
to a server will open the selected servers and all maps on those servers.

* [FEATURE] Added a context menu to the server list.

* [FEATURE] Added labels to display the number of chars and lines in the
event log window.

* [LATERAL] Added date and time to bug reports.

* [BUGFIX] Squashed a bug that caused event logs to remove lines from near
the end when it ran out of buffer space. Now it should correctly remove the
lines from the beginning.

* [BUGFIX] Fixed some concurrency synchronization problems that could cause
deadlock in the bug window.

* [BUGFIX] Escape and Cmd-W should now continue/close the bug window.

* [BUGFIX] Enter/Space should log and continue from the bug window.

* [BUGFIX] The bug window is now always a modal dialog and should always be
at the front.

* [BUGFIX] Fixed a possible deadlock that could occur when building the
debug priority menu.

* [BUGFIX] We now go to greater lengths to find a more descriptive error
message than ‘null’ when neccessary.

* [BUGFIX] Converted many strong references to WeakReference in order to
prevent the retention of unneccessary objects.

* [BUGFIX] The font of event logs is now monospaced and 10pt.

* [BUGFIX] Fixed and sped up the find action for event logs.

* [BUGFIX] We now use a title of ” ” in hopes of eliminating the false
title of “AWTapp” on Solaris for the yellow notice window.

* [BUGFIX] Escape and Meta-W should now close the Find dialog.

* [BUGFIX] If IMR was registered with a FULL SN, and the user changed the
registration to an expiring SN, then the About Box would not fit the “Click
here to enter a new serial number” line.

* [BUGFIX] Map entries in the server list window should be less likely to
get stuck in the ‘Opening…’ state.

* [BUGFIX] Fixed a ConcurrentModification bug that could occur if several
maps were opened at once (on different threads).

* [BUGFIX] Better handling of “Connection reset by peer” and cases where
the connection is intentionally closed by the server.

* [BUGFIX] We now catch NoRouteToHostExceptions in the SLP poller.