WOODLAND HILLS, CA [January 30, 2002] Gefen’s two new ex-tend-it CAT5
extenders employ a core USB technology that enables a single CAT5 cable to
carry signals for both USB and monitor peripherals. Without the need for
separate cables, installation is much easier and cost has dropped

The ex-tend-it CAT5-1000 is a simple solution for those who want to operate
a computer from a remote location. It works by using a highly effective
extension system that consists of a sender unit, a receiver unit, and a CAT5
cable up to 330 feet in length. The computer’s audio, video (for monitor)
and USB signals (for keyboard and mouse) are connected to the sender unit.
Up to 330-feet away, the receiver unit is connected to the monitor,
keyboard, mouse and up to two USB peripherals. Sender and receiver units are
connected with a single CAT5 cable.

The ex-tend-it CAT5-5000 is a more comprehensive solution that supports two
dual-monitor workstations both remotely and locally, which means the sender
and receiver units support a local set-up consisting of two monitors, as
well as a remote set-up consisting of two monitors and two USB peripherals.
With the CAT5-5000, users are able to work on two dual-screen workstations
locally and remotely using just one computer. The CAT5-5000 is particularly
helpful for those who work in this kind of dual-screen environment such as
musicians, graphic artists, broadcasters and gamers.

Both the CAT5-1000 ($695.00) and the CAT5-5000 ($995.00) are cross-platform
solutions that maintain the highest video resolution of any CRT or LCD
analog monitor and extend audio for multimedia applications. Each is
currently available for order. Gefen also sells a variety of CAT5 cables in
varying lengths for those who prefer to further customize their workspaces.

About Gefen
Gefen Inc. is a developer of computer interconnectivity solutions for
professional and personal computer users worldwide. Gefen’s ex-tend-it KVM
(keyboard video mouse) extenders allow computer peripheral extension of up
to 330-feet (100-meters) while switches provide access to multiple computers
from a single workstation. Automatic gain controls, digital/analog source
switches and distribution amplifiers are also available through Gefen as
well as access to related manufacturers’ products.