Everyday Software is pleased to announce Mac OS X Toolbar Buttons Pro.
These buttons allow you to create Cocoa-like toolbars found in various Mac
OS X applications in REALbasic. New features of the pro version include:

– a toolbar view controller for simple implementation
– contextual menu support
– window resizing support
– separator lines
– drawing optimizations
– full Appearance Manager support
– modified appearance under Classic

Other features are:
– button submenu support
– three view support (icon & text, icon only, text only)

Currently these buttons are Carbon only, however I’ll be gauging the
interest in Windows support for future updates.

You can check out screenshots and a demo at:


Pricing is $30 (US) for an unlimited distribution of the button classes and
my Carbon Events plugin which adds a toolbar button (and more) under Mac OS
X. Or $25 (US) for an unlimited distribution of the button classes only.

Will C.