Software Updates: CodeWarrior for Mac OS, Professional Edition, Release 7.2

for more details.


This update should only be applied to a CodeWarrior Pro 7.1 installation.
If you do not already have Pro 7.1 installed, please download and install
that patch before applying the Pro 7.2 update.

The CodeWarrior for Mac OS, Professional Edition, Release 7.2 update is a
maintenance release of the PPC PEF, PPC Mach-O, and x86 compilers, linkers,
and command line tools.

Complete release notes can be found here.

Installation Notes

This release contains two drops:

1) C++_MacOS_PPC_Pro7.2.sit (contains Mac-Hosted PPC compilers, linkers,
and command line tools)

2) C++_MacOS_x86_Pro7.2.sit (contains Mac-Hosted x86 compiler and linker)

The following installation instructions assume that you have the previous
Pro7.1 components installed. If so, unstuff the archive and drag the new
components into their respective folders in your Pro 7.1 installation. You
must then rebuild all of your libraries. Please read ‘BuildLibraries
Release Note.txt’ in the MSL Notes folder for instructions on how to
rebuild your libraries.

For a complete list of bugs fixed in this release, please read the
corresponding release notes in the Release Notes folder after installation
or download the release notes separately from the link above.