World’s Bestselling Spyware =96 Spector =96 now available for Macintosh.

Vero Beach, Florida

Spectorsoft Corporation today announced the Macintosh version of its
award-winning Spector spyware program – the first automatic Internet and PC
Activity Recorder designed for consumers and businesses.

“Since the release of Spector for Windows, we have had thousands of
requests for a Macintosh supported version. We have been working for the
past year to build Spector for Mac from the ground up to achieve the
quality and ease of use Macintosh users demand.” states Doug Fowler,
president of Spectorsoft.

In the three years since the introduction of Spector, there has been an
explosion of Internet Affairs =96 married or coupled adults who are seeking
sex outside of their relationships. Spector was initially envisioned as a
tool for parents concerned about what their children were doing online.
However, it soon became obvious that the majority of customers were using
Spector because they were suspicious about the time their spouses were
spending online =96 particularly in chat rooms and instant messaging service=

“One young woman wrote to tell us that she had long suspected her fianc=E9e
of having outside flings, but he kept denying it. Within two days of using
Spector, she discovered that he was using the Internet to meet several
women a day” said Mr. Fowler.

Spector works by automatically taking periodic screen shots of a
PowerPC-based Macintosh and saves those screenshots to a local or network
drive for later viewing. Screen shots can be taken as often as every few
seconds, or as infrequently as once every few minutes.

Spector is ideal for consumers and corporations alike. Consumers now have
the ability to see exactly what their children or spouse do on their
computer when they cannot be around. Corporations and Educational
Institutions can now make sure their employees and students are using their
computers appropriately.

Recognizing that Internet filtering software is inadequate and
inconvenient, Spectorsoft decided that the best way to put parents and
teachers in control is to allow them to see exactly what kids do on the
computer by recording their actions. With Spector, a parent/teacher sees
everything the child sees If a child tries to access a checking account, or
visits adult-oriented web sites, or is approached by a stranger on the
Internet, the parent/teacher will be able to see that by playing back the
recorded screens.

“Internet filters don’t solve the problem. They fail to filter out all the
bad stuff, and they prevent users from doing completely legitimate tasks by
producing far too many false positives” adds Fowler.

“In addition, filtering programs require constant updates, and that is
extremely inconvenient. Spector doesn’t try to stop the user from doing
anything. Instead, it records their actions. That places the issue of
responsibility directly on the user. When a child or employee knows their
actions may be recorded and viewed at a later point in time, they will be
much more likely to avoid inappropriate activity.”

In addition to recording by taking screen snapshots, Spector also records
every keystroke typed. With Spector’s detailed and automatic snapshot
recordings, one can see all emails, chat conversations, instant messages
and web sites visited.

Users have been raving about the simplicity and accuracy of Spector:
“Within 36 hours of installing Spector I had enough evidence to go to the
police. It turns out that our daughter was caught up in a sexual
relationship with her 37 year-old Middle School teacher. The man was
arrested, pled guilty, was sentenced and barred for life from teaching.
None of this would have been possible without the evidence that we obtained
using your Spector software” writes Bob Watkins of Tennessee.

Spector is available today for PowerPC-based Macintosh computers (iMac,
iBook, Power Mac G3, Power MacG4, Power Mac G4 Cube, PowerBook G3, and
PowerBook G4) running Mac OS 8.0-9.x.

Spector is priced at $69.95 per license and is available for immediate
download from the company website: