Neon Software Announces CyberGauge Version 4.0
Supports Mac OS X, New User-Customizable Reporting

LAFAYETTE, CA – January 23rd, 2002
Neon Software announced today CyberGauge 4.0, the newest version of their
popular Internet bandwidth measurement application. Version 4.0 supports
Mac OS X natively and provides a host of new FTP, reporting, SNMP, and
alert features that enable users to configure CyberGauge to suit their own
bandwidth usage information needs.

CyberGauge 4.0 New Features:
* Supports Mac OS X natively.
* Customizable reports based on time of day and designated days.
* Customizable billing and QoS HTML report formats.
* Auto-configuration of interface alerts, reports, JPEG creation, and
other feedback settings.
* Automatic FTP of QoS Reports and JPEG bandwidth utilization images.
* Alerts when device is “down” and also alerts on device recovery.
* Two new alerts: SNMP Trap Alerts and, for Windows users, support for
“net send” pop-up alerts.
* Expanded support for Cisco interface descriptions.

“CyberGauge’s value as a diagnostic tool is enhanced in 4.0 with the
addition of customizable reports based on time of day and designated days.”
said Laurie Williams, Sales Director of Neon Software. “IT directors can
get highly specific, targeted bandwidth utilization statistics by
monitoring throughput only during specified hours of use.”

CyberGauge 4.0 provides easily customizable billing and QoS (Quality of
Service) report templates, which can be modified to suit the organization’s
specific needs. Every organization has its own data display and archive
requirements and Version 4.0 offers the user flexibility and control over
creating and generating reports.

CyberGauge 4.0 also introduces an auto-configuration feature which greatly
simplifies the process of setting up the monitoring of devices, each of
which may contain hundreds of interfaces. The new auto-configuration
feature means a monitored network interface can be configured just once and
then CyberGauge replicates the settings to all other interfaces, saving the
effort of the laborious interface-by-interface hand configuration.

Finally, the new SNMP trap alerts and net send pop-up alerts make
CyberGauge even easier to integrate into and interact with other network
management systems currently in place.

CyberGauge is an inexpensive yet powerful Internet management utility which
allows users to monitor and analyze the throughput of virtually every
Internet router available on the market. Based on the industry standard
management protocol, SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), CyberGauge
can also be used to determine bandwidth utilization on many
network-connected devices, such as servers, switches and hubs.

Pricing and Availability
CyberGauge 4.0 for the Mac OS and Windows 95/98/NT/2000 platforms are
available immediately directly from Neon Software, through resellers and
international distributors.

CyberGauge is priced at $295 (SRP) for the 5-device version. 10 and 20
device versions are available at $495 and $695 respectively. Multi-station
versions start at $1500.

Upgrades to 4.0 from previous releases of CyberGauge are 5-device version,
$99; 10-device version, $129; 20-device version $159. Call for upgrade
pricing of multi-station versions. See Neon Software’s website for
CyberGauge upgrade pricing details:

Neon Software is a privately held California corporation based in
Lafayette, California, established in 1989. The company develops
intelligent software tools to add to the Neon Network Management Series,
products that help improve computer network design and operation. Neon
Software offers an entire series of network management products including
LANsurveyor, the network mapping, managing and reporting application,
NetMinder Ethernet, a software-only protocol analyzer and RouterCheck, an
AppleTalk router management application.